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About Dana Angling Club
« on: January 20, 2014, 11:14:43 PM »
Do you love to fish?

Do you have family members who love to fish?

Are you concerned about the future of our sport and our ocean resources?

Would you like to participate in fishing and social activities that include your entire family?

Would you like an opportunity to become acquainted with Dana Point Harbor’s top anglers?

If the answer to any one of these questions is "YES", then the Dana Angling Club has something to offer you. Established since 1975, the Dana Angling Club has set the standard for family oriented competitive angling clubs. At a time when most fishing clubs were invite only or men only organizations, the founders of the DAC decided that there was a need for a club that appreciated the many aspects of recreational fishing such as family, conservation and social interaction as well as angling competition.

Today the Dana Angling Club is one of the most respected fishing clubs on the U. S. West Coast. All of the older coastal clubs have great respect for the competitive traditions of our members, and many of the newer clubs have fashioned their organizations around our example. There is not a single fishing club on the coast that offers more to it’s membership in terms of return on investment than the DAC. Each year the club hosts 11 fishing tournaments, a catered boat show, a club picnic and a club cocktail party which are all open free of charge to it’s members. In addition, the club recognizes hundreds of fishing awards categories each year and gives away more than $6,000.00 in prizes to it’s members. Since the Dana Angling Club does not carry the burden of maintaining a club house and preoccupying itself with the collection of money to service lease and maintenance debts, the DAC concentrates on returning it’s income to the members in the form of prizes and entertainment.

In addition to the DAC’s commitment to it’s members, we are also deeply committed to our ocean environment. Each year the DAC is a leader in catch and release practices as well as promoting the conservation and protection of our oceans resources. Members of the Dana Angling Club were instrumental in forming the Dana Point Fisheries Enhancement Program (DPFEP) which is run by volunteers and present members of our club. These committed supporters of DPFEP created a fish grow out pen which is located on the Harbor Master’s dock in Dana Point Harbor, for the purpose in assisting the state run OREHP fish hatchery in Carlsbad in it’s research and restocking efforts. To date DPFEP has grown and released into the wild thousands of juvenile white seabass that will help to fortify our depleted white seabass fishery.

If you love to fish and you care about your ocean and it’s inhabitants, the Dana Angling Club would like to have you as a member. If you would like to be a member, please click on the Print Out a Member Application link below. Complete the application and return it to our P. O. Box. If you would like more information about the Dana Angling Club, please post a message.
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