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Fish Log

DAC 2022 Fish Log by Date
29.Chris Bailey8-6KingpinGeoff HeldoornMarlinRJig20 lb
28.Mike Breidenthal7-30HeatherMike BreidenthalTuna96.5Jig130 lb
27.Don Girskis7-30HeatherMike BreidenthalTuna52.2Jig130 lb
26.Peter Dirado7-30Black FinJeff TomTuna115.00Jig80 lb
25.Geoff Heldoorn7-30KingpinChris BaileyTuna32.4Jig30 lb
24.Logan Tom7-30Black FinJeff TomTuna13.4Jig50 lb
23.Jeff Gage7-30Beer MoneyJeff GageTuna104.7Jig80 lb
22.Randy Childress7-10Ghost RiderBoyd ChildressYellowtail9.0Bait30 lb
21.Cooper Allen7-8CliffhangerCliff AllenDolphin Fish15.125Bait20 lb
20.Dan Holliday6-26Really Workingdan hollidayCalico Bass2.0625Bait12 lb
19.Jeffrey Tom6-26Black Finlogan tomCalico Bass1.8BaitN/A
18.Logan Tom6-26Black FinJeff TomCalico Bass1.5BaitN/A
17.Geoff Heldoorn5-15KingpinChris BaileyHalibut17.0Bait4 lb
16.Dale yamasaki5-1Black FinJeffrey TomOther4.5BaitN/A
15.Logan Tom5-1Black FinJeffrey TomOther1.875BaitN/A
14.Keaton Turner4-30KingpinChris BaileyTuna38.80Jig50 lb
13.Mike Breidenthal4-30Reel ObsessionDon GirskisYellowtail9.6Iron50 lb
12.Don Girskis4-30Reel ObsessionDon GirskisYellowtail10.2Bait30 lb
11.Don Girskis4-25Reel ObsessionDon GirskisHalibut6.6Bait20 lb
10.Alex Rentziperis4-25Sports BarberAlex RentziperisCalico Bass2.8Jig20 lb
9.Dan Holliday4-2Reely WorkingDan HollidaySand Bass2.4Jig16 lb
8.Mike Breidenthal4-1Reel ObsessionDon GirskisCalico Bass2.6Iron30 lb
7.Rodger Healy4-1BlackflagRodger HealyOther3.0Jig30 lb
6.Scott Jaconetty4-1Reel ObsessionDon GirskisCalico Bass1.6Iron20 lb
5.Jeff Tom3-27Black FinJeff TomOther3.1875JigN/A
4.Logan Tom3-27Black FinJeff TomSand Bass2.6875JigN/A
3.Dale Yamasaki3-27Black FinJeff TomSand Bass2.375JigN/A
2.Jayden Farley2-9Fish Me 2Jayden FarleyHalibut35.5***Jig30 lb
1.Mike Breidenthal1-8HeatherMike BreidenthalYellowtail29.9Bait50 lb

Dana Angling Club

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The Dana Angling Club is a Non Profit Corporation Founded November 25, 1975 An Associate Member of: Dana Point Fisheries Enhancement Program, International Game Fish Association and United Anglers of Southern California

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