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Billfish Counts

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DAC 2018 Billfish Count by Date
1Dave Herrera7-3101:17TyeeMarc LevineMarlinRBait30 lb
2Alan Schlange8-409:55GadZukesGreg ZuccheroMarlinRBait30 lb
3Wally Gordon8-909:04GadZukesGreg ZuccheroMarlinRJig50 lb
4Bobby Lee8-1815:55GadZukesGreg ZuccheroMarlinRJig50 lb
5Bob Kurz8-1909:58Royal SlamBob KurzMarlinRJig30 lb
6Sally Kurz8-1911:10Royal SlamJames GowansMarlinRJig30 lb
7Keegan Hicks8-2111:30TyeeMarc LevineMarlinRJig50 lb
8Mark Goudy8-2111:40TyeeMarc LevineMarlinRBait30 lb
9Kurt Pollard8-2112:58RelentlessGary FloydMarlinRJig30 lb
10Ryan McGaffin8-2114:37TyeeMarc LevineMarlinRBait30 lb
11Dave Herrera8-2810:20TyeeMarc LevineMarlinRJig50 lb
12Ryan McGaffin8-2811:49TyeeMarc LevineMarlinRJig30 lb
13Steve Shearer9-10710Sound InvestmentRich PalysMarlinRJig50 lb
14Evan Lamb9-214:00JefeGeoffrey HeldoornMarlinRJig50 lb
15Geoff Hersch9-709:45HookedGeoff HerschMarlinRJig30 lb
16Sally Kurz9-714:15Royal SlamBob KurzMarlinRJig30 lb
17Geoff Hersch9-715:20HookedJim KingsmillMarlinRBait30 lb
18John Woods9-808:00HookedJim KingsmillMarlinRBait30 lb
19Geoff Hersch9-809:45HookedJim KingsmillMarlinRJig30 lb
20Cindy Prohaska9-811:20So GlassyJeff ProhaskaMarlinRBait30 lb
21Chris Bailey9-813:15JefeGeoff HeldoornMarlinRBait12 lb
22Dave Peter9-815:25JefeGeoffrey HeldoornMarlinRJig30 lb
23Dave Herrera9-907:05Wild BillBill KingsmillMarlinRJig50 lb
24Dave Herrera9-910:25Wild BillBill KingsmillMarlinRJig50 lb
25Dave Herrera9-912:10Wild BillBill KingsmillMarlinRBait30 lb
26Scott Kingsmill9-915:58Wild BillBill KingsmillMarlinRJig50 lb
27Bobby Lee9-1011:25GadZukesGreg ZuccheroMarlinRJig50 lb
28Jenny Armstrong9-1115:00Lilly JuneJason ArmstrongMarlinRJig80 lb
29Jeff Tom9-1315:55JefeGeoffrey HeldoornMarlinRJig20 lb
30Dave Peter9-1316:39JefeGeoffrey HeldoornMarlinRBait16 lb
31Clark McNulty9-1408:44GadZukesGreg ZuccheroMarlinRJig20 lb
32Mitchell Firestein9-1410:06A Reel DreamMartin FiresteinMarlinRJig30 lb
33Mitchell Firestein9-1507:23A Reel DreamMartin FiresteinMarlinRJig30 lb
34GJ Sacco9-1511:08HookedGeoff HerschMarlinRBait16 lb
35Geoff Hersch9-1511:43HookedGJ SaccoMarlinRJig20 lb
36Mike Jackson9-2215:02GadZukesGreg ZuccheroMarlinRJig30 lb
37Dave Herrera9-2808:35Wild BillBill KingsmillMarlinRJig50 lb
38Dave Herrera9-2910:05Wild BillBill KingsmillMarlinRJig50 lb
39Ben Babbit9-2912:40HookedRod HalperinMarlinRBait20 lb
40Alan Schlange9-2914:27GadZukesGreg ZuccheroMarlinRBait50 lb
41Rod Halperin9-2914:55HookedGeoff HerschMarlinRBait30 lb
42Sally Kurz9-2917:28Royal SlamBob KurzMarlinRJig30 lb
43Todd Cooker10-413:58GadZukesGreg ZuccheroMarlinRBait50 lb
44Adam Cooper10-812:55GadZukesGreg ZuccheroMarlinRBait50 lb
45Dave Herrera10-907:50TyeeMarc LevineMarlinRBait30 lb
46Dave Herrera10-1718:15TyeeMarc LevineMarlinRBait30 lb
47Tennyson D'Sena10-2011:55GadZukesGreg ZuccheroMarlinRBait30 lb
48Geoff Hersch10-2615:34TyeeMarc LevineMarlinRBait50 lb
49Ryan McGaffin10-2619:15TyeeMarc LevineMarlinRBait30 lb
50Geoff Hersch11-214:00TyeeMarc LevineMarlinRBait50 lb
51Dave Herrera11-214:10TyeeMarc LevineMarlinRJig50 lb
52Geoff Hersch11-215:35TyeeMarc LevineMarlinRJig50 lb
53Dave Herrera11-1009:55TyeeMarc LevineMarlinRBait50 lb
54Alan Schlange11-1312:45GadZukesGreg ZuccheroMarlinRJig50 lb
55Tennyson D'Sena11-1312:55GadZukesGreg ZuccheroMarlinRBait50 lb
56Ryan McGaffin11-1513:35TyeeMarc LavineMarlinRBait50 lb
57Tennyson D'Sena11-1708:30GadZukesGreg ZuccheroMarlinRBait50 lb
58Tennyson D'Sena11-1711:33GadZukesGreg ZuccheroMarlinRBait50 lb
59Alan Schlange11-1714:14GadZukesGreg ZuccheroMarlinRBait50 lb
60Tennyson D'Sena11-1715:04GadZukesGreg ZuccheroMarlinRBait50 lb
61Wally Gordon11-2008:52GadZukesGreg ZuccheroMarlinRJig50 lb
62Tennyson D'Sena11-2014:55GadZukesGreg ZuccheroMarlinRBait50 lb
63Kennedy Kingsmill11-210814Salta VerdeJim KingsmillMarlinRJig50 lb

DAC 2018 Billfish Count by Boat (Member's Boats Only)
GadZukesGreg Zucchero18
TyeeMarc Levine15
HookedGeoff Hersch8
Wild BillBill Kingsmill6
JefeGeoffrey Heldoorn5
Royal SlamBob Kurz4
A Reel DreamMartin Firestein2
RelentlessGary Floyd1
Sound InvestmentRich Palys1
So GlassyJeff Prohaska1
Lilly JuneJason Armstrong1
Salta VerdeJim Kingsmill1

DAC 2018 Billfish Count by Angler (Members on Member's Boats Only)
Dave Herrera11
Geoff Hersch7
Sally Kurz3
Dave Peter2
Mitchell Firestein2
Bob Kurz1
Mark Goudy1
Cindy Prohaska1
Chris Bailey1
Scott Kingsmill1
Jenny Armstrong1
Jeff Tom1
Rod Halperin1
Kennedy Kingsmill1

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